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The Whinburg Township Amish Books 1-3 (EBOOK COLLECTION)

The Whinburg Township Amish Books 1-3 (EBOOK COLLECTION)

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Join Amelia Beiler, Emma Stolzfus, and Carrie Miller around the quilting frame, where industrious hands and loving hearts see them through the experiences of a very eventful year in Whinburg Township, Pennsylvania.

Three Amish best friends. Three hurting hearts. One quilt that binds them all together.

A widow with two small children, Amelia is struggling to make ends meet. When she puts her late husband’s business up for sale and gets an offer from Eli Fischer, her heart is torn. She is experiencing strange physical symptoms and the doctor tells her it’s multiple sclerosis. How can she allow Eli to court her when she can’t promise him a future?

Emma  has never been courted or kissed, but she is secretly writing a novel about her Amish life. When a New York literary agent takes an interest in her work, the men of her Amish community suddenly notice the shy spinster in a way they never did before. But how can she settle for second best when her heart made its first choice long ago—a man she can never have? 

All Carrie wants is a child. When she overhears two women talking about IVF, a medical option available to Englischwomen, it’s a sign from God at last. But her husband and the bishop disagree. Will her longing to be a mother tempt her away from the Amish beliefs that are all she’s ever known. 

“Filled with spiritual insights and multilayered storylines. At times readers will be chuckling and other times, misty eyed as the books unfold.” --The Amish Reader

This three-book digital collection contains The Wounded Heart, The Hidden Life, and The Tempted Soul, the first three e-books in the Whinburg Township Amish series. The series (and these collections) are divided into trilogies for easy navigation and enjoyment. If you like books by Jennifer Spredemann, Laura V. Hilton, or Serena B. Miller, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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