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The Tempted Soul (EBOOK)

The Tempted Soul (EBOOK)

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Three Amish best friends. Three hurting hearts. One quilt that binds them together.

If only she could have a child! The cry of Carrie Miller’s heart seems to be unheard by anyone except her husband Melvin and her two closest friends, Amelia and Emma. Even her prayers seem to go unanswered The people in the Amish church just shake their heads and remind her it’s God’s will. But what if it isn’t? 

Because Carrie overhears two women talking in the fabric store about IVF, a medical option available to other women. Englisch women. Can this be a sign from God at last? Melvin and the bishop don’t think so, but Carrie can’t leave it alone. She believes it’s God's will that she pursue this treatment, even though they can’t afford it—and despite Melvin’s doubts. 

In the end it all comes down to faith. Will her faith in God’s leading keep her safe? Or is her longing to be a mother tempting her away from the Amish beliefs that are all she’s ever known?

“There is much to celebrate and much to learn from the Amish community, and these characters are so real to me now that I wish they lived next door!” —Christian Fiction Addiction

This is the second edition. First published by Hachette FaithWords in March 2013.

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