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Magnificent Devices Books 5-6 (EBOOK)

Magnificent Devices Books 5-6 (EBOOK)

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You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family … or can you?

Under normal circumstances, sixteen-year-old twins Maggie and Lizzie would be delighted to meet their long-lost relatives and be reunited with those who had believed them dead, but when are the Mopsies’ circumstances ever to be considered normal? They are joyfully ready to embrace family and welcome them into the loyal circle that the Lady of Devices, Claire Trevelyan, has created from a formerly ragtag lot of street sparrows.

But the more time the Mopsies spend in Lizzie’s father’s castle in the Cotswolds and then their grandparents’ clifftop mansion in Cornwall, the more they realize that the events surrounding their mothers’ deaths are more mysterious—and dangerous—than anyone alive suspects. Worse, the events of the past are still reaching out to trigger the dangers of the present, and only a lady of resources and a lady of spirit may stand between the people they love … and certain death.

“A daring rescue, women more than capable of rescuing themselves, cunning inventions and a dark, dangerous conspiracy … one of my favourite steampunk series now has nearly infinite scope for continuation and expansion.” —Fangs for the Fantasy

This two-book set contains A Lady of Resources and A Lady of Spirit, books five and six in the Magnificent Devices series. The series is meant to be read in order, but it is divided into duets and quartets for easy navigation. If you like books by Gail Carriger, Lindsay Buroker, or Nancy Warren, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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