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This grumpy ex-cop thinks the woman for him is only in his dreams. Turns out she is… and a ray of sunshine, too!

It’s tough on a girl when her big sister is a high-powered investigator with the Covert Law Enforcement Unit, but Tessa Nichols is doing her best to work through a master’s degree and handle life like an adult. Hardly anyone takes her seriously, between of the visions she’s had all her life and the warnings of the tarot. But when she has a vision of a young girl tied to a bed, there’s no way she can let that go. She offers her abilities to the missing teen’s father—a computer exec with an estate in Moonshell Bay.

Grumpy security expert Griffin Knox is about to wring his employer’s neck for bringing this laughing ray of sunshine in on the search for the teenager. Griffin relies on facts, on order—and locating his boss’s daughter fast can only happen if he uses the skills he gained when he was a cop. Not tarot cards, for Pete’s sake. But Tessa’s visions have an eerie habit of revealing more than just the truth … and when she starts showing up in his own dreams, what’s a cool-headed ex-cop to do?

“Her hero and heroine shine … with a good paranormal theme, Hollis’s read is compelling.” —RT Book Reviews

Dream of Me is the second in the Moonshell Bay sweet romance series of digitally narrated audiobooks featuring cops and ex-cops whose lives are just fine, thanks—until strong but vulnerable heroines cross their path! The audiobooks are standalones, though the characters are connected and appear in each other's stories. No strong language or love scenes, just a dollop of suspense and a guaranteed happily ever after. If you like books by Melissa McClone, Hope Holloway, or Liz Isaacson, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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