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“Love is a sweet adventure—I always love Shannon’s books!" —Bella Andre, New York Times bestselling author of The Sullivans

Can her enemy become her love when the investigation is on the line?

Rookie Linn Nichols has a month on the job in the Covert Law Enforcement Unit (CLEU) and already she’s wondering if she can survive working for the elite undercover police force. She’s paid her dues to get here, and they want her to … use the hot number to seduce a drug kingpin’s location out of him?

Team leader Kellan Black is astounded at the change in buttoned-down, tight-lipped Investigator Nichols when she allows herself to relax and play her part. When the kingpin invites her to an exclusive estate and winery in seaside Moonshell Bay, they find themselves working together with no way to escape the attraction simmering between them. But it’s hard for a cop to focus on work every minute … especially when he can see the longing in Linn’s beautiful eyes …

“With exciting scenes, an interesting setting, and romance, Call For Me is a great, nonstop read.” —RT Book Reviews

Call For Me is the first in the Moonshell Bay sweet romance series of digitally narrated audiobooks featuring cops and ex-cops whose lives are just fine, thanks—until strong but vulnerable heroines cross their path! The audiobooks are standalones, though the characters are connected and appear in each other's stories. No strong language or love scenes, just a dollop of suspense and a guaranteed happily ever after. If you like books by Melissa McClone, Hope Holloway, or Liz Isaacson, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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