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World Building and Research (EBOOK)

World Building and Research (EBOOK)

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World building is more than simply describing a rainy forest or the mean streets of the city. It’s how your character—and your reader—see and experience your story world. It’s how the environment influences your characer—and how they make a difference in their environment—during the events of a plot designed for change.

USA Today bestselling author, writing instructor, and professional copy editor Shelley Bates, PhD, shares how to build your world from the top down and from the inside out so that it can become as much a character as your people are. A world that will invite your reader in to share the adventure. This is the eBook edition.

“Adina is a literary master in her field.” —

For the physical print mini-guide (3.5" x 5"), send her a note to order ($5.00 + $4.90 shipping).

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