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The Pilot's Promise (EBOOK NOVELLA)

The Pilot's Promise (EBOOK NOVELLA)

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When love is as forbidden as the skies…

After sharing the Prince Regent’s victory at the Battle of Amiens, Diana Edwards must keep her pride in trim and remember she is still only a cadet in the fledgling Royal Aeronautic Corps. But with the new female flight director not yet arrived to take up her post, Diana and her cousin Emily are the only women at the flight school. They must not only battle contrary winds to prove they have promise, but also the contrary men who believe women have no place in the skies.

Captain Gordon Hollys has never met a woman as maddening as Cadet Edwards. She is as tall as he is, never lets an opinion go unexpressed, and seems to believe that flight is her calling, if not her right. But when a series of accidents make it clear that someone wants her and her cousin out of the way for good, Hollys cannot say no when Diana asks for help. And soon he begins to wonder whether a woman as clever and brave as she might be just what his heart desires … if he has the courage to make her a promise of his own.

The Pilot’s Promise is a short sequel novella immediately following events of the Regent’s Devices trilogy written by Shelley Adina and R.E. Scott and set in the Magnificent Devices steampunk world. It can be read as a standalone, and promises no strong language, the possibility of a very proper kiss, and a guaranteed happy ending. If you like books by Regina Scott, Gail Carriger, or Emma Jane Holloway, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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