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The Amish Cowboy's Home: Montana Millers 6 (EBOOK)

The Amish Cowboy's Home: Montana Millers 6 (EBOOK)

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Home is where God’s heart is. —Mountain Home Amish proverb

All her life, Ruby Wengerd has felt the eyes of the two Mountain Home Amish churches on her. Because she’s the bishop’s daughter, there’s an unspoken expectation that she’ll set the example for the Youngie. Watch her tongue and never give offense. And now that she’s in her twenties, choose one of the valley’s young men pursuing her and make a godly home.

But she doesn’t want to make a home with anyone but Zach Miller. She’s loved him for as long as she can remember—and he only sees her as a friend.

Zach has watched his brothers and sisters fall in love while he comes no closer to finding the one God means for him. At this rate, his infant sister will grow up and get married before he does. But at a Christmas wedding on the ranch, a stunning realization makes the scales fall from his eyes. It’s as if he’s seeing Ruby, his childhood friend, for the very first time. As the woman he’s been waiting for. As his heart’s home.

But Ruby may already have given up on him. The Amish grapevine is abuzz with speculation that she has been swept off her feet by a man from away and might even leave the valley. Is Zach really too late to court the girl next door?

The Montana Millers. They believe in faith, family, and the land. They’ll need all three when love comes to the Circle M!

The Amish Cowboy’s Home is the sixth book in the Amish Cowboys of Montana romance series. Though the books can be read as standalones, there is a family thread running through them all. No strong language, just a loving kiss and a guaranteed happily ever after. If you like books by Rachel J. Good, Mary Alford, or Dana R. Lynn, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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