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The Air Affair: A Lady Georgia Brunel short story (EBOOK)

The Air Affair: A Lady Georgia Brunel short story (EBOOK)

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Georgia Brunel, Lady Langford, boards the transcontinental airship Juno with her late husband’s aunt, Millicent Brunel. They are looking forward to nothing more dangerous than a painting holiday in the clockwork city of Venice, but trouble soon finds them in the person of Millie’s nemesis from her long-ago schooldays.

Old grudges have not been forgotten. Old hurts have not healed. Will an old feud finally be resolved … in murder?

“The Air Affair” is a prequel short story to the Lady Georgia Brunel Mysteries set in the Magnificent Devices steampunk world. Though these books can be read as standalones, there are threads of love and family running through them all. No strong language, just a very proper kiss or two and a satisfying solution. If you like books by Gail Carriger, Emma Jane Holloway, or Lee Strauss, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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