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Pocketful of Pearls (EBOOK 2)

Pocketful of Pearls (EBOOK 2)

Series: The Elect of Smoke River

Author: Adina Senft

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Book number: 2

Trapped in a life she didn’t choose, will she ever be able to escape?

The Elect know it’s God’s will that they serve the Shepherds, the itinerant ministers of the church. Since puberty, that service has become darker for Dinah Traynell. More physical. Unthinkably, deeply secret. Though she dreams of another life, she’s never known anything but the church, so while she submits, she still resents being forced to cast her pearls before swine. So when she answers the door one night to find a homeless man on the step, her first act of rebellion is to help him.

Dr. Matthew Nicholas, disgraced university professor, had never heard of the Elect before he was robbed, left penniless, and wandered into Smoke River. He has never met a woman like Dinah, so vulnerable and yet so strong, with a capacity for love that has no outlet except in the care of her flock of chickens. As she slowly grapples with the flawed faith of the Elect, Matthew struggles with his fear of getting involved.

When Dinah’s teenage sister abandons her own baby, its innocence is the catalyst that forces Dinah and Matthew to trust one another … and two lost souls catch a glimpse of hope. But is it enough to dispel the darkness? Or is it already too late for Dinah to break free?

" Beautifully written and profound—an insightful look at a disturbing, real issue.” —Focus on Fiction

Pocketful of Pearls is the second novel in the faith-based Smoke River domestic suspense series. The books can be read as standalones, though the characters all know one another and appear in each other's stories. No strong language, just a dollop of suspense, a loving kiss, and a guaranteed happily ever after. If you like books by Sage Parker, Christy Barritt, or Charles Martin, you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

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