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Glory Prep (EBOOK)

Glory Prep (EBOOK)

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"Mom always told me that discernment was my superpower. But how do I tell friend from frenemy when I’m the new girl?"

When surfer Lissa Mansfield transfers from Santa Barbara to posh Gloria Stanford Fremont Preparatory Academy in San Francisco, she figures joining the in-crowd will be easy. Popularity has never been a problem before. But now the obstacles are mounting up.

There’s the queen bee, who is determined to keep Lissa a wannabe forever. There’s her new roommate, Gillian Chang, who’s as loud as a New York taxi about how happy she is to be a Christian. Her friend Kaz back home says he misses her, so why is he always talking about the girls he dates? If Lissa can just downplay her faith long enough to get the attention of Callum McCloud, the hottest guy she's ever seen, then none of this will matter.

But when the price of being Callum’s lady means going all the way with him, Lissa has to decide exactly where the line is—and whether she’s prepared to cross it. Between that and finding a place on the committee for the biggest media event of the year ... who knew life at Glory Prep could be so complicated?

Friendship. Fashion. Faith.

Everything you need to survive high school.

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