Midnight Shimmer—Nancy Warren

Midnight Shimmer by Nancy WarrenA Toni Diamond mystery of 50,000 words, copyedited by Moonshell Books, Inc. in December 2014.

Toni Diamond wins a cruise. Will the real prize be murder?

Toni Diamond, makeup artist to middle America, boards a cruise ship planning to enjoy seven days of sun, sea, and relaxation. She’s taking her rebellious almost-seventeen-year-old daughter Tiffany and her Dolly Parton–crazed mother, Linda, along for the treat. Unfortunately, the cruise isn’t all bliss. Between mysterious disappearances, an outbreak of Norovirus and her sense of impending doom, Toni’s barely got a moment to relax in one of the striped lounge chairs. But is there really something sinister going on or is Toni imagining things?

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