Shelley Adina—Caught You Looking

Caught You Looking by Shelley Adina55,000 words, edited by Moonshell Books & Editorial July 2011.

Hot on the trail of a technology thief, private investigator Duncan Moore is convinced that he’s found him in beautiful Moonshell Bay. What he needs is proof. When he goes to ask the neighbor if he can watch from her upstairs bedroom—wow! Sparks fly right off the bat—and now he has two reasons to stay. Mallory isn’t sure she wants a hot, single guy in her house 24/7 … although her matchmaking family certainly is. They’re ready to throw the engagement party!

Duncan isn’t prepared for how distracting and unique Mallory is. When his surveillance of her—er, his suspect—begins to show signs that Mallory might be involved with her neighbor, Duncan knows he’ll have to get even closer. It isn’t enough that she’s caught him looking—he has to catch his thief, too. But when it all goes down, who is catching whom?

Released July 2011

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